River Bed walk

River walk

It had been a while since I had been able to go out for a walk and today was a good enough day to go. So I contacted a girl that I had walked with before and she was available. Now I have been a small number of times with her, and found her to be a little hard to get a conversation going, so I don’t usually go out with her. I arranged to pick her up and head out to the Wamiak river. Where I usually go is a place where some boaters launch their jet boats into the river, but usually it is very quiet and private.

When we go there I had to change into my shorts as I had come from work. Since no one was there, I stripped of at the car around by the passengers side so she could see. I asked if it was ok to masturbate in front of her here. Usually we walk for a short distance before I strip off. But since there was no one around I thought it would be ok and exciting to do it here. She was ok with it and I masturbated for quite a while in front of her. I found it very exciting and I got hard very quickly. Since I was so hard and erect I decided it would be nice to start walking. I really like it when my cock is bouncing along when I walk and my walking partner can see it bounce along too.

We walked for a while and along a narrow path. I asked if she could sit down and I would wank for a while here. It is kind of cool for me as now she could watch me from a different angle. Mostly walking partners stand in front or to the side of me and watch. But this added a different element I guess for her and better view as she could see my balls move around.

We didn’t walk to much on this outing. It wasn’t really hot and in the shade it was a little chilly. I didn’t want to get any shrinkage! When headed back to the car and I stay nude right until the car. I asked if it was ok to masturbate again for a while at the car and I did so for about 5 minutes. I did enjoy it but sometimes I find this particular walking partner a little harder to connect with. Still I always appreciate it that she has joined me.

Hopefully we can go again when it gets warmer and we can walk more.