Great Day for a nude walk

Nude River bed walk

It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny, perfect for a outdoor walk. I had contacted another escort as I had not had any replies to my ad. She was keen and we agreed to meet. I was going to pick her up and head off to bottle lake. The conversation we had before meeting was entertaining as she wanted to bring a pet along for the walk. I was ok with that. The pet however was a….. chicken!! I hope chicken little isn’t offended by nudity. Anyways she decided not to bring chicken little.

I picked her up and we headed off. We got to bottle lake and we started our walk. It was really warm and the sun was out. I couldn’t wait to get naked and walk along. When it was private enough I stripped off. I masturbated for a short while in front of her and once I was nice and hard we decided to walk some more.

We walked quite a while, with me stopping every now and then and then to masturbate in front of her. She asked if she could do anything for me, and just said what ever you are comfortable with. She just reached out and started to squeeze and pull on my balls. It felt nice and I kept masturbating.

I was keen to continue walking and masturbating but she had to head back to the car as she had another customer and needed to get back. So we turned around and headed back. I was very erect and stiff and she was enjoying the view. She said we had better head back as her customer was wanting to meet her soon. So the walk back was a little rushed and I wasn’t able to stop to often.

Anyways all in all it was a nice walk. The day was fantastic and very sunny. I could have stayed out even longer and enjoyed standing there, fully erect with a girl watching. Hopefully we can do it again and have more time.

Covid has definitely put a brake on able to meet people but I hope that when the summer comes around again I will meet more ladies interested in meeting.

Stay tuned and I hope also to include some pictures of my walks.