River walk at night

Nude River bed walk

Meet with a lovely lady that I have been on a couple of walks in the past. We planned to meet on a Friday after work. Since it is Autumn the weather wasn’t the warmest at this time, but on this particular early evening it was relatively warm. We meet at the river and headed off. We walked for about 200 metres and I stripped off. We continued to a area where we stopped briefly and I masturbated for a while so I was nice and hard.

I asked if she could hold my now erect cock and walk along. She is always glad to do that. It was quite calm this evening so we could hear the river in the background and it was quite high. We walked some more and I stopped for her, and masturbated for quite some time. She loves to watch and played with my balls while I stroked my cock.

I had packed my cock leash. And she was really keen to see me wear it and walk me around holding on the leash. This look is her favourite, with my cock erect, and the cock leash pulling my balls and cock forward while we work.

We found a quite spot and she sat down. I bent over in front of her and played with myself and she was stroking and pulling on the leash towards her. I spread my arse checks so there was nothing left to the imagination. And this is something she finds a real turn on and it looks hot, her words, not mine.

We had been walking for about 30 minutes so we started to head back. It was getting quite dark now so we had to watch where we were stepping, but she held onto the leash and we keep walking.

I had been wanting to ask her if I could rub my cock and balls over her feet. I find this quite a turn on. At first I was a little nervous, as I wasn’t quite sure how she would react. But she was up for it. We got to the cars, she sat in the back seat, removed her shoe and let me rub my cock an balls all over it. She said it felt really nice and look hot. So we have decided to add it to our walking routine. It was very sexy.

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