More Winter Woes

Relaxing indoors with a clothed female friend

We have had such cold weather here recently and no real chance to get out and about. So I decided to invited a friend who has walked with me a couple of times to spend some time indoors where I can be nude and she can remain clothed. She was up for it, which I think she would always be up for it. And soon after, she joined my at home. I had the heater cracked up and a nice glass of wine on the ready.

I normally don’t have many Clothed females join me at home, usually we head outdoors somewhere for some fun, but since the weather has been so cold and wet, to get my fix a meeting at home makes sense right.

She arrived and we sat in the lounge and chatted for a while, just catching up on recent events. I quickly stripped off and to start with I knelt in front of her and masturbated for a short while until I was nice and hard. Which didn’t take to long. She is very sexy and open minded lady. I find it such a turn on when I am masturbating and she is watching as we chatted about the horrible weather. Once I was erect she reached forward and pulled my balls down and pulled my cock. I had my hand on her knee while she stroked and pulled my cock and balls.

Since we couldn’t walk outside or anywhere for that matter and I love being lead around by my cock, I got on all fours for her so she could see everything and more from behind. I know from previous meets that she does enjoy this view and finds it very sexy look. I encouraged her to look too and tell me what is she looking at specifically. When she mentioned that she was looking at my hole and how clean and hairless it looks, my cock pulsed. She saw this and she just reached down, grab my cock and pulled it back towards her. Very very much a turn on. I love to spread my arse cheeks as well so she can see everything there as well, nothing is left to the imagination. I spent about 15 or so minutes like this. With my arse in the air and her pulling, squeezing and stroking my cock, balls and arse hole. I always shower thoroughly before any meeting with anyone. And make sure that I am super clean outside and in.

I asked if she would like me to wear my cock leash? This I wear generally when we are outside going for a walk. It is a collar that I wear around the base of my cock and balls. And then I have a leash that clips on to it. I love to wear it when I am just walking in the backyard or outdoors somewhere and being lead around by it. She was very keen for me to wear it and she helped put it on. She loves to hold the leash pulling the cock and balls forward. And when we walk she loves to hold the leash up so my balls are more in front and easier to see. We have worn it before, but that was outdoors.

Once we had it on, I once again got on all fours and she had the leash between my legs and was pulling my cock and balls back towards her. I know it is a very horny look, well I think so anyways. It is always cool to hear from the clothed female to what they like to see. Then I can tailor our meetings to suit more. But most seem to go with what I am doing and comment on what they like.

I also love to also kneel in front of her and masturbate. She can reach forward, pull my balls down or just stroke my cock for me as well, which is sexy. Its easy to stay hard and erect when someone is really enjoying the view or watching me. I find that as being really really horny.

We had to finish as we had other things to do. I know right, life getting in the way of having fun. But it was very horny afternoon. We chatted a bit more, I wasn’t getting dressed but wanted to walk her to the door to say good bye. So I asked if she could hold my cock as we walked to the door. She keep on looking down while we made our way to the front door. We said our goodbyes and promised to catch up again real soon. So much fun and I look forward to doing it all again real soon. And will let you know about our next adventure, hopefully in will be outdoors somewhere. Stay tuned!

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