1st walk of the new summer

Nude walk along the river bed

Bit of a spur of the moment walk really. It was a nice enough day and after the weather we had and COVID also locking us down, I decided to take my chance. So I called a lady who had joined me a few times to see if she was free to join me. Luckily she was, even at such short notice. So off we went.

There was a strong north easterly blowing when I left home, and I thought that it would be relatively sheltered where we were going to walk. There is a large number of trees around and we would walk along a gravel road quite close to the river bed.

I also thought it would be relatively quiet as the time we were going was in the afternoon. But when we arrived there was a few other cars there. Mostly guys riding motorbikes around. It has a lot a awesome tracks that motocross riders use. Also it would be great for riding horses or riding Mountain bikes. But I like to walk nude there.

We started along the river and when I knew we were clear and private enough I stripped of. My friend would hold my shorts and t-shirt so my hands are free. Since it was the first walk for quite a while, I hadn’t even gone for a walk by myself so being able to walk with a female was great. My cock was almost hard just walking along. We walked for a short while and we stopped so I could masturbate and get nice and hard.

We started to walk further along. My cock was hard and I was touching it while walking. I know she was watching me and this also turns we on and gets me harder. I found another clear spot and so I asked her if she could sit down and I would masturbate in front of her. I think the different view from her point of view is different and I love it. So I usually masturbate quite a while when we do this. I must have masturbated for about 5 – 6 minutes. And then we carried on.

It was easy to walk with an erection as well. It was nice to have a nice hard cock while walking along. She would watch and I would stroke it. We stopped again and I masturbated for a bit more. She was standing in front of me. I asked if she wanted to feel my balls and she did.

We decided to head on back to the car. The weather was starting to change and even though it was sunny when we started it was quickly clouding over. And it started to rain ever so slightly. But I wanted to go to another spot that I would sit down and masturbate in front of her. But we didn’t stay too long as it looked like the weather was starting to get worse. So we quickly walked back. My cock was still nice and hard and it was a nice start to the summer.

The only problem with walking with this particular lady is I find it really har, excuse the pun, to get a conversation going with her. Even when we drive to the river bed. It is almost impossible to get a conversation going. So the drive there and back is usually in silence. Anyways I am stilll appreciative of her joining me.

Bring on summer and more naked walks!!