I am a single man, living in Christchurch. I am tall, slim and healthy. I don’t smoke and rarely drink. But you probably don’t want to know about that stuff right? Well I am originally from Christchurch but spent a large number of years traveling and living overseas. Mostly in Australia. Why I love doing this is a mystery to me as well. But I just love being outdoors and nude at the same time. But I am a exhibitionist, that I know is true, so to go for a walk by myself is nice and I do do that, walking with some else is more fun and more appealing to me. Why do I like my female walking partner to be dressed. I think it is because I like to be the one exposed and nude. It is about me being naked and my walking partner to be able look and enjoy.

I also love to walk with an erection. Not all the time as it is quite hard, excuse the pun to maintain an erection while walking. So I do love to masturbate in front of my walking partner. So I would often stop and masturbate while my partner watched. Then walk some more. Most of the walks I do is around 1 hour and sometimes longer and sometimes shorter it just depends on the person I am walking with and how comfortable we are together.

Generally there is no touching between each other. But it is also about being comfortable in what we want to do. So if you do want to touch me, whether that be putting your hand on my shoulder, caressing my butt or what ever you feel like doing, just ask. I want to make this an enjoyable experience for you as well.

I love to travel and would love to continue this while I am on holiday or a weekend away. So if you aren’t in Christchurch and want to show me a great place to walk naked near where you live, let me know, I might just be there and we can go together.

Testinonial from walker

Was nervous to start, but once we got going it was actually a lot of fun.

Marcus was really nice. I loved his openness about why he enjoyed doing this.

It was fine, I actually enjoyed it. I am open to new experiences.

Hey, I really enjoyed myself and looking forward to our next walk!