Nude walking is my blog post about my passion to be outside, nude and walking with a clothed female. How did I stumble across a passion that some would say is kinda weird?? Yes it is a little weird, but I genuinely love doing this. So once upon a time, my ex partner and I use to go for walks in the native bush lands and beach of Australia. And one day I found it would be really cool, if I stripped of and walked nude along side my partner, who was not new to this sort of behavior from me. And in fact I think it was partly her idea. Anyways we started to do this more and more often and I really enjoyed the freedom of being naked outdoors. My partner also enjoyed the view. Since then we have gone our separate ways and I had moved back to New Zealand and settled in Christchurch. After being single for a while and missing my regular walks I decided it was time it do something about it. I had gone for walks by myself and while I did enjoy them it didn’t really satisfy my exhibitionist side. We will get to that later. So I thought I would place an ad on online personals website.

With high hopes of meeting someone as soon as I pushed publish I eagerly refreshed my browser expecting the messages to start streaming in. So I waited and waited and……… waited. Nothing!! Well it was only the first day after all. So I logged out and went about my daily routines and checked back with unbridled exuberance to see if my inbox was full of messages. It was a dust bowl of nothingness!!

Days past, then weeks past and then months passed!!! I checked and checked to see if the ad was being viewed, and it was getting views for sure. So why weren’t they contacting me!!!

Times for celebration!!! Finally a TXT message!! I was so excited I could hardly contain my enthusiasm to reply. After all this was my first sign that anyone was actually reading my ad! So I replied, “Hi!, thanks for replying to my ad! What would you like to know” The reply back was somewhat disappointing, “Do you walk with men as well”, not only do I not go for walks with men, there was no question mark at the end! So was this a statement or a question??? Anyways I replied disappointingly “No, sorry I don’t”.

This seemed to be the turn of events that would proceed this TXT message. I started to get some replies, but I would find out that it was mostly men. After about 9 months and no real replies I decided to remove the ad. It was heading into winter so I thought I would just remove.

The following spring I placed the ad in again, but in two different sections. Again waiting, waiting, waiting. Nothing. It wasn’t until 3 months later that finally another TXT message. After receiving a number of bogus TXT’s I really didn’t hold much hope for this one either. But it was a female!!! Time for celebration!

Since then I have meet some females to join me, again not a lot. And I thought I would just share my experiences with you. All their names have been changed for their privacy. So I thought I wanted to write a blog about my fetish and the experiences I would have on my journey.

I hope you enjoy it. And if you are a female and want to join me, contact me here!

Testinonial from walker

Was nervous to start, but once we got going it was actually a lot of fun.

Marcus was really nice. I loved his openness about why he enjoyed doing this.

It was fine, I actually enjoyed it. I am open to new experiences.

Hey, I really enjoyed myself and looking forward to our next walk!