Pines Beach – March

Sunday was a stunning day here and so a walk was called for. I had been in contact with a fun and bubbly women who had joined me for a previous walk at bottle lake. We arranged to go for a walk at Pines beach on this glorious day!

Previous experience at Pines beach wasn’t a great one as I and another had walked along the Pegagus bay walk way. I had not walked along here before so was unsure, and as it turned out not ideal. As it was used by other walkers and cyclists. And I think we upset a couple of people.

Anyways, we walked a little way along the walk way, until we saw a small track heading towards the beach. So we took that instead. This was a lot more private and looked like it hadn’t been used much at all. So I promptly stripped off and we walked on. We actually took a wrong turn at one point and had to make our own track. But at least it was private and no one around. This made it easier for me to masturbate and have my walking partner watch.

The day was super nice and we found walking tracks to walk along that were private and secluded enough for me to stay nude. We headed towards the beach and stood on top of a one of the sand dunes to look out. There were a handful of people walking their dogs or just enjoying a great day. So we kept to the tracks. We would stop often so I could masturbate. We walked for over an hour.

Once we were far enough away from most of the people we headed towards the beach to check it out. At this point I put my shorts on as there were people relatively close and I don’t want them to be offended. Then we decided it was time we headed back. And I walked nude along the dunes and my friend took her top of and walked along in her bikini top. We had to find our way back to point where we started, which was harder than you think.

It was a really enjoyable day. Amazing weather and awesome company. I am looking forward to our next outdoor adventure.

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