Bottle Lake – episode 3

Again I ventured off to one of my regular walking spots and had the company of the very friendly and bubbly friend. We didn’t meet in the carpark like the first time we meet, as they were closed. So we meet at the end of the road. It was a pleasant enough day but not as beautiful as a couple of weeks ago when we walked at Pines beach. I really enjoy my walks with her. She has a great sense of humour and open minded. Which makes it easy to get along with.

We started out and headed in to the forest area. We walked along side the golf course for a while. When it was private enough and I knew there was no one around I stripped of and we continued on our way. We walked a small distance and we stopped so I could masturbate. Once I was hard and erect we continued on our way.

Usually this part of Bottle lake is very quiet and I haven’t seen many if any other people walking along here. But today was different. We spotted some one way up ahead so we ducked in close to the trees so they couldn’t see us. I masturbated again for a while and then checked to see if the others were still heading our way. Luckily they weren’t so we could carry on. We continued for a short while stopping occasionally to masturbate and chat. Again another person was seen! What is going on today. Anyways I quickly got dressed and we carried on. We turned down another path and the person that was following us passed us by. So I quickly undressed and we walked on.

I found a nice place in the sun and asked my friend to sit down and watch. I thought the change of view would be better for her. She said it was a great view and really liked it. We stayed here for a short time and decided to head back. We always walk the same way back as we know it is private. Again I asked if she could sit down and watch. She accommodated my request with pleasure. As we got closer to the clothed area, where I get dressed as it is no longer private enough, she ask me to stop and masturbate for her. I really like it when my walking partner asks me to stop so they can watch. So I happily obliged. We stopped for while and then headed back to our cars.

We spoke about a number of things and I had a great time. She is a really enjoyable walking partner and we will definitely be walking again soon.

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