North Bottle lake

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Walking around north bottle lake near Spencerville. I had the day off from work and decided it was such a nice day that I would contact a friend who had joined me previously for a walk to see if she would join me. The weather was great, hopefully being a Monday it wouldn’t be that busy either.

We meet at the car park we usually would meet and we drove to the spot along Lower styx Road. There is a area of forest that is easily accessible from the side of the road. We parked up and headed in to the forest. I have walked here before, but only on the weekends. And then it wasn’t too busy with people. We walked for about 5 minutes and I thought it was private enough to strip off. I was nearly erect just from stripping off.

We walked along a narrow path heading towards the beach area. We stopped and I masturbated for a short time to get hard and erect and then we walked on. We headed south along a forestry road and I was naked and erect as we walked. Luckily we could see a long way down the road and saw someone walking towards us taking their dog for a walk. I got dressed and we walked past. I doubt she would have seen anything as it was a good 500 metres away.

We turned towards the beach again and I stripped off. This time I masturbated in front of her for quite a while. I had the sun shining down on me and I was erect and had a girl watching me, what more could I want!

After about what seemed about 10 minutes of masturbating we decided to continue towards the beach. We were now close as we could easily hear the waves crashing. We wondered up a steep sand dune and we could then see out to the waves. It was so nice. Great weather, the sun was beautifully warm.

I stood on the top and masturbated more for my friend whole was also enjoying the sun. There was a few people on the beach but they were a long way away from us. We thought about walking down the waters edge but decided to head back towards the cars. Good choice as a couple of minutes later we heard some motorbikes heading down the beach. Could have been embarrassing.

We walked along a narrow track with me in front heading north along the sand dunes. The path looked like it had hardly been used so I was quite confident that we wouldn’t come across any one. We then found a good track heading back to the towards where we had the cars parked.

We made our way back, but we still managed to stop and I could masturbate for quite a while in front of her.

It was such a nice day I could have stayed there longer. I finally got dressed when we were within a couple of minutes of the cars. I really had a good day. It was great weather, and had a great walking partner. Hopefully now that summer is here I will get to go more often.