New Year and my first walk

2022! Well it has been a difficult 2021 so lets all hope that 2022 brings more good fortune to us all. Well it certainly has started well with a lovely lady contacting me and wanting to join me for a walk. This was our second walk and outdoors around the forest. It wasn’t a overly great day weather wise, it was very windy so I pick a venue that would be relatively sheltered.

We meet and headed off. She was wearing a loose top and short shorts which was nice. We took a slightly different track this time, as I had walked it before. But back then it had been freshly cut and was nice and clear to walk. Not so now! It obviously had started to grow back with a vengeance and there was quite a bit of prickly bushes had started to invade the path.

After a couple of minutes walking I decided to strip off. And we continued to walk on. My partner apologised for not looking as she was to busy watching where to walk to miss all the prickles. But it cleared out and finally we found a nicer track on which to walk down. Like our first meeting, she was happy to hold my cock and lead me down the garden path, so to speak. I was nice and hard and enjoyed her holding me as we walked.

We found a nice spot and I masturbated for quite a while in front of her. She offered to play with my balls, which I accepted. After a couple of minutes she took me by my cock and we walked on. We found a nice sandy bit, free of pickles and branches which we didn’t have to dodge. We walked along there until we got to another spot and I offered to masturbate for her. She really liked watching me, which made me harder.

After a while we carried on. We were watching out for others as I had come across a couple of runners or horse riders, but very very rarely. We turned down another track to circle around back to where we started. I was nice and hard and she was walking beside me, cock in hand and both enjoying some good conversation. But in the distance, about 200 to 300 metres I saw a mountain bike rider cross our track. So I quickly ducked into some cover. And put back on my shorts. Our walk had been cut short.

Since we had seen the mountain biker, we thought it would be wise to make our way back to the car. But all in all I really enjoyed this walk. It was definitely being lead around by my cock added to it. So I am looking forward to our next walk. And write about it for you to enjoy.

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