Great walk along the river

Nude walk along the river bed

I received a txt message from a lady interested in joining me for one of my walks. We exchanged messages for a while and then arranged to meet. She came across as someone that was genuinely interested in what I was doing. So we arrange to meet a couple of days later. I did have a couple of days off work so was able to meet on a Tuesday afternoon.

We arranged for me to pick her up from her place and then head off to the river for a walk. We chatted in the car on the way out and she was a little nervous, but so was I. In her txt messages she was very open and honest about what she was doing and working through and was looking to find herself again. And she shared this even more in the car. Which was great for someone to be honest and up front.

We got to the river bed and I showed her where we would walk and explained a little what would happen and so off we went. Walking down the gravel road, after walking about 50 metres I asked if she was comfortable for me to strip off. She did tell me I was good looking and surprised at my age. She was saying all the right things!

I stripped off and and she offered to hold my clothes, shorts and a t-shirt while we walked. I did have a nice semi on and was pleased that she was looking. We kind of joked as she said she wasn’t sure where to look. But told her that it was part of the experience that she look at me. I told her that I enjoy that and was part of what I love doing.

We carried on walking along and I stopped and started to masturbate in front of her. She was watching and I could see that she really was enjoying it. Once I was nice and hard, we started to walk down a smaller side track, which I know is more private. I asked if she would like to hold my cock while we walk and she didn’t need to be told twice. She held my hard cock in her hand and we walked along. We continued to chat and talk about why I like doing this. I asked her if it was ok for me to masturbate for her again. She said ok with a smile on her face.

We continued to walk and chat and she held me by my cock as we walked. She held me nice and tight and kind of stroked my cock as we walked. But the real fun started at the end of our walk. She mentioned that she was open to new things. But had never had anyone that was open enough to talk about it. So I offered if she would like to spank me. She lit up! She was in some ways surprised by the offer. But she sheepishly said yes.

Right at the end of the gravel road there is a nice large iron gate. The cross beams were made of a 10cm round galvanised tubing and it was about 1.2 metres high at the top cross beam. I offered to bend over this and she could spank me while holding my cock and balls back between my spread legs. I assumed the position and she started to spank me gently and I encouraged her to hit me harder. Which she did. She spanked both cheeks and pulled my cock back nice and hard.

We did this briefly, but I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable on her first outing with me. She spanked me maybe 6 to 8 times but you could not wipe the smile of her face. It was so pleasing from my point of view, not only was I able to get spanked outdoors, but she was so excited and just beaming afterwards. We both started to laugh at what had just happened.

We headed back to the car. We drove back to her place. We chatted about the walk and I asked her if it wasn’t to weird for her. She said no, not at all emphatically. I dropped her off. We agreed that we would definitely go for another walk and hopefully regularly too. I went home and sent her a message to thank her for a great walk and look forward to our next.

What a great walk. So much fun and with a open minded person who was understanding and open to new things, e.g spanking, who would have thought that that was how my first walk with her would finish. But so glad it did.